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We are still in negotiation with them over whether it can be put into the same location as the current memorial, but early indications are that this is achievable.

An artist's impression of the new Memorial is shown below.

There will be those who do not like the design of the memorial, the size the shape and so on.

Emergency services found Mercer in a critical condition and worked on him for more than an hour before rushing him to hospital where he suffered a cardiac arrest in the emergency room and died.

The village of Norwood Hill is scattered around the crossroads at its centre, which is where the well-known landmark of The Fox Revived can be found.

It is approximately 2 miles north of Charlwood, on the edge of what was the Wealden marsh.

There is an amazing view to the north, with the North Downs and Box Hill ahead, rising towards Leith Hill in the west.

The parish and borough boundaries run through the middle of Norwood Hill, so half the community is in Charlwood and Mole Valley, and the other half in Sidlow, Reigate and Banstead.


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