Are lily and marshall dating in real life

That is my new life goal or at least travel goal, get picked up at the airport by a loved one wearing a chauffeur hat with drinks in hand! When Marshall and Lily got married they made vows that they didn’t end up keeping because they are human.Six years later they made new goofy vows, which were SO freaking adorable. Ask Jason Segel, and he’ll tell you: Make it seem like they actually like each other.Segel, who plays Marshall Eriksen opposite Alyson Hanigan’s Lily Aldren on the CBS sitcom “How I Met Your Mother,” reflected on the dynamic of the pair’s characters during an event celebrating the show’s 200th episode (airing Jan. The actor bemoaned the preponderance of “nagging” and “eye-rolling” among small-screen pairs.Hannigan gave birth to a daughter in March, and Smulders is due soon. With Cobie, it was much more unexpected, but it was delightful,” said Craig Thomas, executive producer and co-creator of the show, which also stars Neil Patrick Harris, Jason Segel and Josh Radnor.“After the shock wore off, we found a way to write around it or have fun with it.” The actresses have been carrying large handbags, wearing loose clothing and using all the usual midriff-hiding tricks, given that their characters are not pregnant on the show.

The much-improved "Big Bang Theory" and "HIMYM" make for a dependably pleasing comedy block on Mondays.

We’ve managed to do nine years without nagging or eye-rolling.

“A lot of shows, I wonder why they’re actually married. “Whereas Marshall and Lily, first of all, they really like to get it on, which I think is really funny and kind of rare.

They like each other’s jokes and they have a lot of shared, private jokes.

It’s a real couple, I love it.” Also read: ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Casts Broadway Star Lin-Manuel Miranda With “How I Met Your Mother winding to a close after its current ninth season, Segel and Hannigan are looking toward the next phase of their careers.


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