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As things start feeling weird around Rebecca, her friends are warning her and especially when Rebecca’s parents seem to be hiding something from her.She starts sensing that her roommate may be obsessive over her and as things unfold, things start to really get out of hand…

In August 2007, Gigandet was cast in the Summit Entertainment action drama film Never Back Down. (In other words, not actually teenagers, but people who think they can play teenagers.)Which means there are times when all the people in a certain movie are people you're aware of for stupid reasons. However, the teenagers they get to star in bad horror/thrillers tend to stay about the same age.In fact, if the opposite is true -- if your audience recognize the names -- listing them is more likely to hurt the movie than help it."Let's not see that -- it stars a bunch of nobodies." Whereas if you don't list the names, people won't realize it stars a bunch of nobodies until after they've bought their ticket. Director: Christian E Christiansen Cast: Leighton Meester, Minka Kelly, Cam Gigandet Sara (Minka Kelly) just entered in college to fulfill her degree in design.


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