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But then they got divorced, and the movie didn’t happen. How has it changed for you, and how has it changed in general?Nickerson’s statements here are clear: no pedophiles should ever act on their desires. The problem is that this doesn’t at all line up with the message he’s preached elsewhere.As we examine Nickerson’s past, the real question is whether his Salon piece was truthful: Does he really think it is wrong to act on his urges toward children?Since Episode abandon that style (for whatever reason), Choices art style stands out. I showed my college roommate Episode and she despised every style except the one Spotlight story I showed her (shout out to Black Absinthe by Kay Elle).Granted this only one person, but the point is, different art styles attract different audiences.For those of you that don't know Choices is an app similar or dare I even say rivals Episodes. It's not on Episode's level in terms of popularity, playability, etc.


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