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For a flavour of the new record, check out the audacious lead single, I Will Possess Your Heart.

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The band's music, moody but pretty, won devoted fans for its proud sense of vulnerability, and when Death Cab hit it big with 2005's million-selling "Plans," the group's long-building success made it a hero to messy-haired misfits everywhere.One of those times I kind of said, "I don't know if you are doing anything, but if you ever want to add a multi-instrumentalist kind of guy, consider my name in the hat." I guess he took it more seriously than I thought. That's a beloved band that's been around 17 years, and people were heartbroken that he left.I came into it knowing I'd have all eyes on me, being the guy who's standing with the guitar in his old spot. Months and months of eating and sleeping Death Cab.As well as manning the desk on Death Cab For Cutie´s long players, Chris has also produced records for Nada Surf and Tegan and Sara amongst others.Here he covers the gear used on a record that saw him return to an all-analogue set up, with the band tracking most parts live in the studio.He played guitar in the studio and on stage, but his key role was as the group’s producer; he sat behind the desk on every Death Cab record up to 2011’s minimalist, guitar-sparse among them.


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