Dating serbian women

When it comes to picking up Serbian women, “make no mistake”, it can be an incredibly complicated and challenging test.

However, the rewards can be high as they are among the most stunning I have seen anywhere in the world; being tall, slim, curvaceous, and downright sexy.

I do not know any other culture where such extremes are exhibited.

Here is an example: I was in a cab going from the airport to the hotel. When another car crossed his way, in less than a second the driver opened the window and became violent, cursing, sending the other driver to the place of his birth, sending him to copulate with his own father.When visiting the main pedestrian walking streets in Belgrade or Novi Sad, for example, one will be shocked at the quality of women; walking up and down, as if they were in a fashion show.They also tantalize you further as they pose in bikinis on the beach (in Montenegro, for example), taking photos of each other.The driver was speaking to someone on his cellular phone. There is no translation that can communicate the energy transmitted.I speak Serbian fluently so I understood every word said: “My life, my reason to live, my sun, my hope, my dearest, etc.” I do not know if he was talking to his wife (yes, wife), lover, or child; Serbs use the same loving language for everyone. When the tirade was over, in a split second the driver was back on the phone, apologizing for the interruption and resuming his sotto voce conversation.For men promiscuity is understood as a virtue while girls are criticised.


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