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Playing squarely into the “white saviour” narrative, everyone speaks perfect English around Jack, who masters kung fu literally overnight and – massive spoiler alert!

– even gets the girl, despite Chao’s age-appropriate hunk waiting in the wings.

Arriving at the Armitage estate, Chris meets Rose’s professional, apologetically liberal parents, Dean and Missy (Bradley Whitford and Catherine Keener), and her pugnacious brother Jeremy (a smarmy Caleb Landry Jones).

Rounding out the household are two bizarrely robotic African American servants, Walter and Georgina (Marcus Henderson and Betty Gabriel); also on hand is Stephen Root as Jim Hudson, a blind art dealer who’s previously admired Chris’s artwork (in a role rising above an “old white man” lampoon, as do all the white actors, however motley).

Guest voices include the girl who played Shilo in Repo! S animated 1990s series, and tons of other lesser-known TV actors. These are some of the most extreme, insane dating situations I’ve ever seen. The entire series can be watched in 9 hours or so, and it’s totally worth it. So I’m always happy to find a relatively unknown cartoon that will entertain us for a few nights.

The Genetic Opera, someone who was a teacher in How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days and a reporter in Dawn Of The Dead (2004), someone from Degrassi: TNG and who voiced Voodoo in the Wild C. Having not really dated much in my entire life (maybe 4-5 girls outside of Carolyn, with a total relationship time of perhaps 6 months total between them) makes these stories that much more intriguing.

UNCOMFORTABLE PLOT SUMMARY (inspired by this): Daters date psychopaths. So it’s the haters that are really dragging this down. COINCIDENCES: (The Dating Guy #6, and whatever we watched after it) 2 videos in a row with painting someone in the nude.

Scene: a tree-lined French provincial country road, on a breezy day, leaves swirling across the asphalt. Suddenly a woman, photographed from a calm, discreet middle distance, leaps out from behind one of the trees. It's a wild premise treated with droll understatement, though "understatement" sounds wrong given the film's viscera quotient.

She bolts into the road toward an oncoming car, causing a wreck. Like all good horror films (though it's more of a psychological thriller with a teeming, festering wealth of body-horror preoccupations), this one takes its central theme — cannibalism — as a way into a variety of other matters, other indicators of a society and a psyche under extreme duress.

Because the protagonist is a vegetarian who goes off her diet in rather alarming ways, "Raw" becomes weirdly funny as well as increasingly bloody.

Garance Marillier, a sharp young actress with zero affectation, plays Justine.


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