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Known for centuries as an antioxidant cure-all, ginseng is also a stimulant which provides increased energy and concentration.

It's difficult to find dried ginseng, never mind fresh, so we recommend getting your fill of this ancient root through a cup of ginseng tea.

The Katori Chat that I tasted that day was so sinful with loads of aloo and chat ingredients added. Katori Chat with Curried Kala Chana Ingredients Needed: For the Katoris All purpose flour/ Maida – 1 and 1/2 cup Salt to taste Ajwain – 1 tsp Cold butter – 1 tbsp Oil for deep frying Small Katoris for the shape How to make the Katoris Dust well and roll out thin. Heat a kadai with oil, gently drop the katoris into the hot oil. Remove on kitchen towels, Then again fry for a second time, so that the katoris become crispy. For the Stuffing Brown Chana – 1 cup Salt to taste Red Chili powder Roasted Cumin powder Turmeric powder Oil Heat a pan with oil, add the boiled chana, all the spices, cook till all the spices are incorporated to the channa.

For Green chutney Coriander leaves handful Mint leaves handful Green Chillies Lemon Juice Salt to taste Grind all the ingredients together, add lemon juice.

Just before steaming, Eno or fruit salt is added to the batter. 3) Now add yogurt.4) Mix well so all the sooji is moistened and becomes thick paste.

5) Now Make lump free batter by adding little water at a time.

Very easy and quick to bring together and makes for a great evening snack when your kids come home hungry after play. Vegetable Sevai makes for a light, filling and quick-fix breakfast meal.

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Bananas also contain fibre, which will help sustain the glucose levels in your blood, thus giving you a steady source of energy over a longer period of time.Unlike their soft, younger counterparts, aged cheeses contain high levels of the amino acid tyramine - known for its ability to encourage the secretion of stimulant hormones in the body.So, the next time you need a boost, try a piece of Parmesan, Stilton, or any other hard cheese. Strawberries are a great, low-cal addition to a healthy lifestyle, packing enough vitamin C, manganese, and fibre for a 'berry' nutritional punch.The first time I tasted these were during a cooking competition that I was judging.The ladies had come out with such interesting dishes and some innovative dishes. I made a green chutney and a meethi chutney along with boondi and sev for the crunch. Press the cut circles on the katoris, Prick with fork all over the katoris, so that it doesn’t puff up. This is a healthy snack as it is steamed and very less oil is used to make tempering. Sometimes I serve this as a side along with roti-sabzi and masala chaas. Traditionally white dhokla is made from rice and split urad dal and it lengthy process. You guessed it right, this is my most favorite snack.


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