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It showed a photograph of one of our family vehicles.

It charged me with a “civil violation” of “criminal law.” I wasn’t driving the car.

He was discharged from the dock and there was a shout of 'Well done Rolf' as the entertainer walked out of court.

Meanwhile it was also revealed this afternoon that Harris failed in a bid to stay at home during his trial to be with his ailing wife Alwen, 85.

The Ticket My story begins with a confession: I got a traffic-camera ticket.

An affidavit signed by a Montgomery City police officer, it averred that I had committed a particular traffic violation on a certain date, at a certain time and location.

The second jury trying the shamed TV star on claims he molested the three young fans in the 1970s and 1980s were discharged after failing to reach verdicts after less than five hours of deliberations.

Nearly every juror — 10 out of 12 — believed Bill Cosby was guilty of two counts of sex assault, a juror has revealed to ABC News.

The juror, who spoke to the network on condition of anonymity, revealed that 10 jurors agreed he was guilty on two sex assault counts — for digitally penetrating accuser Andrea Constand without her consent, and for giving her drugs without her knowledge in order to prevent her from resisting.

The deadlock became intractable about 30 hours into the 52 hours of deliberations, the juror told the network.

“There was no budging” after the first deadlock, the juror said.


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