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King Solomon may have declared, ‘Beauty is misleading but a woman who fears G-d should be praised,’ but we clearly think that he was just kidding when he wrote it.

The purpose of a Torah education is the inner transformation of a human being away from the prevailing mores of the secular culture and toward the convictions of a G-d-centered life.

New York - Not long ago I sat with ten young women, aged 19 to 24, to ask them about their dating experiences.

The consensus was that the men who take them out seem interested mostly in their looks before everything else. Being of good character is important but of secondary concern.

“It was so sudden and traumatic.” However much she misses him, Wruble craves that amazing feeling again. But the Modern Orthodox community has recently started paying particular attention to second-time singles, helping them find a new match through specially tailored events and dedicated matchmakers.

They face unique problems in the dating world: The widowed may, like Wruble, have memories of their first spouses that loom too large for prospective new mates.

Until I disclose that the conversation was with ten very frum girls who were describing what the Chassidic dating scene has descended to.

We can no longer close our eyes to the serious dating crisis in the religious community wherein a man and woman’s most important decision may be based on values that are inimical to Judaism.

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“That was the most amazing feeling, to be a wife and have a husband and to have that relationship,” she said.

Over the last few years, I have been very unhappy in my experiences dating religious women.

So I have recently begun dating Conservative women.

It is no longer the men who pursue the women and ask them out.

It is now the women who chase the men, making them appear desperate while the men get to appear dignified. No doubt you are rolling your eyes even now and wondering why I even bothered to state the obvious.


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