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Director Steven Soderbergh's final film before his alleged retirement/hiatus is headed to the small screen rather than cineplexes, though it will debut in competition at Cannes prior to airing on HBO.Based on the book of the same name by Scott Thorson (adapted here by screenwriter Richard La Gravenese), the film depicts the five-year secret relationship between Thorson (Matt Damon) and famed (and famously flamboyant) pianist/entertainer Liberace (Michael Douglas, a lock for an Emmy nomination).It's a challenge for a lyricist to even attempt to match wits and words with a powerful melody, and a challenge for a singer to make that song his own.That might explain Sammy Davis Jr's "You Can Count On Me," which takes the music from the crime series "Hawaii 5-0" and makes it into another type of crime.

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Actress – Miniseries/TV Movie: Lily Rabe Outstanding Directing – Miniseries/TV Movie: Angela Bassett (“Chapter 6”) Outstanding Directing – Miniseries/TV Movie: Bradley Buecker (“Chapter 1”) Outstanding Writing – Miniseries/TV Movie: Ryan Murphy & Brad Falchuk (“Chapter 1”) America’s Got Talent 11-1: “Auditions #1” B 11-2: “Auditions #2” C 11-3: “Auditions #3” C 11-4: “Auditions #4” B- 11-5: “Auditions #5” B 11-6: “Auditions #6” C 11-7: “Judge Cuts #1” B 11-8: “Judge Cuts #2” C 11-9: “Judge Cuts #3” B- 11-10: “Judge Cuts #4” B 11-11: “Top 36: Part 1” B 11-12: “Top 36: Results” B 11-13: “Top 36: Part 2” B- 11-14: “Top 36: Results” B 11-15: “Top 36: Part 3” B- 11-16: “Top 36: Results” C 11-17: “Semifinals: Part 1” B 11-18: “Semifinals: Results” B- 11-19: “Semifinals: Part 2” C 11-20: “Semifinals: Results” B 11-21: “Top 10” B 11-22: “Season 11 Finale” C Season Grade: B- Season MVP: Tape Face Outstanding Host – Reality Series: Nick Cannon (“Auditions #6”) The Americans 5-1: “Amber Waves” A- 5-2: “Pests” B 5-3: “The Midges” B 5-4: “What’s the Matter with Kansas?Most of these tunes you'll recognize instantly and agree, "Why add lyrics?" But the answer might be..for the challenge of it.All the teenagers in Sweet Apple are catching up on the latest gossip about Kim Mac Afee and Hugo Peabody going steady ("The Telephone Hour").Kim, excited to have a boyfriend, reflects on how happy she is with her maturity ("How Lovely to Be a Woman").At least, that's what she says, and while her husband (Michael Landes) and friends are skeptical, events start to suggest that she might be telling the truth.


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