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In 2008, Kelly was acquitted of the charges of engaging in a sexual act with a minor which was caught on video.Kelly Leary has more than 26 years in the dating industry and a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology.

Clinton takes each woman for a style makeover that better represents her whole personality - whether it is a mom looking to dress more conservatively or an introvert looking to express herself better through a new wardrobe.

Kelly’s latest controversy, a plethora of claims concerning underage women have surfaced online.

An Instagram account of a teenage, claiming that the singer dated her high school girlfriend, has surfaced.

But she hasn't let any awkward headlines stop her from being with whom she wants to be with, and when, as she navigates the pitfalls of DWF (dating while famous).

She also barely ever talks about such things, and she "I think it comes with the territory.


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