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The Ilitch family exudes hometown pride and that shows in their efforts to make "the fan experience central in the design of the arena and surrounding neighborhood, known as The District Detroit," according to the Red Wings' public relations department.

The Red Wings' ownership maintains a top 10 ranking simply because it strives to continue to enhance the fan experience and foster a community in Detroit, even after experiencing some bumps in the road.

Another theory deals with the sociological aspects of violence in sports, stating that sports are "mock battles" which can become actual battles due to their competitive nature.

Athletes sometimes resort to violence, in hopes of injuring and intimidating opponents.

Hands-down the most watched and anticipated sport at the school, the UND hockey team never fails to put on a show for the 11,500 people who show up to every game.

Seven NCAA championships is the reason the Ralph Engelstad Arena sells out every home game.

“I think we were better than them (Saturday) too, and we really were all over them in the second period, and in the third we just kept going. When we got the chances, we were baring down and executing and finishing.” Added Gaudreau: “We need to keep focusing on the positive stuff.

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Many players said they’d never seen anything like what they experienced on Saturday, and it could possibly get even more raucous given Nashville is now right back in this series.

As we have for the past 13 years, we asked fans to vote on their favorite teams, then ranked all 122 sports franchises from top to bottom.

Full rankings: 1 to 122 | MLB ranks | NBA ranks | NFL ranks | NHL ranks If there's one thing that Detroit hockey has figured out, it's the ownership earning fans' trust and appreciation.

Such incidents may be part of a strategy developed by coaches or players.

In boxing, unruly or extremely violent behavior by one of the contestants often results in the fighter breaking the rules being penalized with a points reduction, or, in extreme cases, disqualification.


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