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But like Atkinson, her real love seems to be stand-up comedy which she performs on the circuit with her RADA contemporary Yasmine Akram under ‘Ford and Akram’.Miss Ford also performs as the character ‘Jenny Fawcett’ in a routine that is described as a ‘tapdancing geek’.Comic Relief is always one of our favourite events of the year.

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The show has been tickling our funny bones since way back when.

To be honest, I’ve unintentionally erased most of that from my memory banks.

But that evening, we discussed a pivotal topic that we had been silent on up to that point. (Still no marriage, mind you.) He and I had both tiptoed so cautiously, lest we scare the other one off, for eleven months.

First, the meal has many courses, so you sit and eat for hours.

Also, you eat a lot with your hands.) Over the course of the evening, we talked about lots of things.


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