Muscle relaxant less sedating

Although these agents aren’t recommended for long-term use, approximately 44.5% of patients who receive them remain on them for more than a year.

Nevertheless, we tend to see cyclobenzaprine prescribed to patients with multiple refills.

Efficacy, safety, and cost are the cornerstones of pharmacotherapy and important factors to consider when evaluating medication use and contemplating best therapeutic options.

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This article is intended to provide factual information on which to base your medical discussions.

Adding a muscle relaxant to the mix has not been shown in studies to be any better at providing relief from this kind of pain than just taking one of the OTC pain relievers.

If you can’t tolerate the over-the-counter pain medications because you have other conditions, such as kidney or liver problems, bleeding ulcers, or heart issues, then you together with your doctor may want to consider taking a muscle relaxant as a temporary measure.

If you've ever had a back or neck muscle spasm, you know it can be exceptionally painful, and even debilitating.

Muscle relaxants are widely used to treat these conditions, although there is limited evidence they actually help relieve symptoms.


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