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Carl & wife Cheryl have mutually prayed & agreed to forego any further treatments for Carl.

Bro Rick is now back at home again following his successful surgery to remove part of his colon. Biopsy will be run on removed colon & he may know more by Tuesday. Daughter Karen is suffering from Lupus pains & her husband has lost one of the two jobs he had when that company moved away from this area. We prayed for my cousin Carl awhile ago for his battle with brain cancer.

And I had the pleasure to really work the cream into her gorgeous hair!

To cover my time and travel costs I decided to share my photographic footage here for everyone who is interested in one of the younger middle-european traditions.

Stunning blonde beauty Jenni looses her pie virginity in this shoot.

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So let your imagination run wild and turn you webcam job into anything you want it to be! He thanks everyone for the continued prayers & knows he is in God's Hands. Son Chuck has no energy to do anything following his cancer bout & just lies in bed all the time now. He is off off the breathing machine & was sitting up in chair waitin on food. She has 2 fractured vertebrates in her neck & lots of cuts & scrapes. Daughter Terri has continuing problems with her liver count dropping. She was in a car wreck & her boyfriend hydroplaned rolled 4 times. I am having issues with my neck stiffness again & also possible eye problems that need to be addressed after the cataract removal several years ago.Jess is 7 months pregnant with their first baby at age 40 & has had her water break & contractions start. All is well as can be at the moment & Drs hope to keep the baby in utero as long as safely possible.Over the last few years I happened to attend a few of those events and to take some shots.


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