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And now it is no longer a pop-up ad- instead you have to click a box agreeing to see 'adult content' before you can even see the fashion photo.

And once you click the box, another window pops up INSIDE the window, with a chatbox or something for 'adult friend finder' that starts playing audio.

Perhaps I'm paranoid, but it makes me nervous to click on the pop-up ad- you never know what sorts of spyware/malware etc. Beyond that, its a pain to have to click the box to 'agree' to see the adult content, mute your computer before the thing starts talking, and then close the adult chatbox that covers the fashion picture.

All that- just to see a picture that has nothing to do with adult content.

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Hunt told Motherboard that he had seen a spate of v Bulletin breaches caused by admins failing to update the software, leaving their users' data exposed to well-known security vulnerabilities.

Ilia Kolochenko, CEO of web security firm High-Tech Bridge, offers advice to users of Brazzers and other sites.

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