Problems updating apps ipod touch

To see how much space is available on your device, follow these instructions: Remove your account from the app and log back in Try removing and then re-adding your account to the app.

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I believe the error number was 4005, but I'm not totally sure.

And while most i OS 9-powered devices got bumped up to i OS 10, some devices, like the popular i Phone 4s, got left behind on the i OS 9.3.5 update.

If you’re stuck on i OS 9.3.5, you can’t download i OS 10 in an effort to fix problems. Those of you on i OS 9 by choice should consider upgrading to i OS 10 if trouble strikes.

Today, I synced my i Pod to i Tunes attempting to update to i OS 8 and update apps that require it.

At first, i Tunes recognized the i Pod and the update appeared like it would complete successfully, but by the time i Tunes reached the "Waiting for i Pod" portion it could not complete the update.


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