Rolex watch dating silver

It involves testing and the fineness of the metal and then stamping it with control marks that show the results.

Hallmarking is carried out by an organisation independent of the manufacturer of the item.

Designing ground-breaking watches such as the Rolex Datejust is what helped to move the brand to the forefront of the industry.

While many people question the brands name origins, it’s without question that the name Rolex is one of the most widely recognized brands of today.

Genuine Rolex watches have their serial numbers deeply engraved into the metal, whereas fakes often just have it “etched” with acid.

The serial number is located behind where the band connects to the body of the watch, on the six o’clock side.

Wide link bands and round watch faces provide a strong appearance while traditional details, such as Roman numeral hours and Swiss-made movements, add to the opulence.On this page there is a brief description of a number of different types of hallmarks that you are likely to find in a watch case, and then for the British and Swiss marks there are links to take you to the full page of information for that type of mark.If you want to get a book about English hallmarking, Bradbury's Book of Hallmarks published by the Sheffield Assay Office is a long established reference.Trademark irregularities notwithstanding, both the 62 are designated Submariner models in Rolex product literature.In 1954, Rolex also produced a small number of ref. This was the first Submariner (although not the first Rolex) to make use of the Mercedes hand set, a feature of all subsequent Submariners.“A lot of people got burned.”As technology and counterfeiting methods advance, understanding the intricacies of genuine Rolex watches is increasingly important for prospective buyers.


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