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With both members in committed relationships, a lot of the source material comes firsthand, music born of love instead of a fishnet for more.“We want our music to be respectful for both sexes,” Hatch said, calling their music a “celebration of the great things that love and relationships and sex can bring.” “We really strongly feel that anybody should be able to feel love, whether it be a man and man, woman and woman, woman and man — love makes the world go around,” Clutterbuck said.We all want to find that one special person to spend the rest of our lives with. Studies have been proven that men fall in love FASTER than women.Wouldn’t you love to meet that person and have a surefire method to make them yours? Get ready to take your love life to the NEXT LEVEL!A.’s production trio Cheat Codes will get booties shaking at Eos Lounge (500 Anacapa St.) with Matoma, Steve Void, and Baynk.While temperamentally different and geographically distinct, both acts have, in their ways, helped to soundtrack and enhance all manner of lovemaking and dating, fields that in 2016 have never before been more inclusive — or more technologically entwined.

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will welcome two huge names in electronic music who have made a name for themselves with their sensually pleasing tunes: London’s electronic-soul duo Honne, who will get the slow grinds churning at SOh O Restaurant Music Club (1221 State St.) on Tuesday, October 11, at 9 p.m.

with Ravyn Lenae, and on Sunday, October 16, at 9 p.m., L.


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