Trex dating sim

OK, it's not a long play..if you ever wanted to romance a creepy, homicidal animatronic, this is your chance. Her dating sim for Thanksgiving food is a thing that happened, for sure. er, literal object of your affections has transferred to your school, and you need to make it welcome with your love. This one actually seems to be made by Brother as a marketing move, in which case it's certainly one of the strangest we've ever seen.

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rex dinosaurs had hypersensitive snouts that could have been used in mating.There's a lot scientists don't know about dinosaur lifestyles — whether a given species lived in herds or alone, how often they mated and with whom, whether they cared for their young — so it's hard to tell what would appeal to them.Furry is a type of art with fictional (make-believe) cartoon animals that act like people.The thing that makes this one especially unique is its setting.In the past, the dating simulators have featured such experiences as romancing a T-Rex, wooing an Alpaca, and getting hot and steamy with an office printer. Just now it also includes anime guys and girls as well. That extends from loving any and all consoles to liking dating sims in which you play as a boy or a girl, I’m not too picky. So yeah, it’s one of my main genres I play alongside my adoration for RPGs.


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