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I want to compute semantic similarity of proteins given their uniprot ID, I have found some online tools like but it is busy all the time and providing organism name is required, I have a mixed list of proteins which include some viral proteins, any similar online tool or a package in R will be really helpful.

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A set with an upper bound is said to be bounded from above by that bound, a set with a lower bound is said to be bounded from below by that bound.However, each domain presents different problems, each requiring different solutions. Sem MF: A framework for calculating semantic similarity of objects represented as RDF graphs (Poster of the 4th Semantic Web Conference), [Retrieved: 07/06/2007]. Summary: The semantic measures library and toolkit are robust open-source and easy to use software solutions dedicated to semantic measures. Open Biomedical Ontology, Resource Description Framework). The project targets both designers and practitioners of semantic measures providing a JAVA library, as well as a command-line tool that can be used on personal computers or computer clusters.We summarize comparative assessment studies, highlighting the top measures in different settings, and compare different implementation strategies and their use.Finally, we discuss some of the extant challenges and opportunities, namely the increased semantic complexity of GO and the need for fast and efficient computation, pointing the way towards the future generation of SS measures.This is not an indication of a security issue such as a virus or attack.


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