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Which is why Sam is working with Truvia Natural Sweetener (an extract from the Stevia plant) and helping them create all sorts of recipes using it.Sam Talbot’s Tuna Ceviche with Sweet Spicy Popcorn? Stevia products were always huge with the natural food community, and I only ever saw it in our health food store before Truvia went mass about a year ago.Highlights: The hilarious weirdness of Angelo Sosa.That one time during the Hilton challenge when Padma Lakshmi mentioned six individual corporate sponsors in one gerundial phrase. Season Two: Los Angeles 's sophomore season introduced Padma Lakshmi, who took over for Katie Lee Joel as host.I'm currently the executive chef at the Surf Lodge in East Hampton, as well as the soon-to-open Mondrian So Ho in New York City. ST: Mixology is second nature to me because of my interest and profession in cooking. ST: There are always new and innovative cocktails being made, so I don't necessarily see a shift away from traditional drinks.Mixology and cooking are essentially one and the same; it's about using the freshest ingredients and great products and then employing the correct treatment of the ingredients to yield an awesome final dish or cocktail. What we've seen is an increase in people interested in low calorie cocktails.In an effort to spice things up, the producers devised some of the goofiest and most contrived challenges the show had ever seen.

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Sam Talbot (ST): I was diagnosed at a young age with juvenile diabetes, so I have always had a profound understanding of the impact of food on life and life on food.

It can't help but be the driving force of my cooking style and recipes using fresh, healthy and natural ingredients.

Before moving to New York, I trained at Johnson and Wales University in Charleston, NC.

rep says his shots of Kelly "will be featured on the cover and in a 6-page nude pictorial in the March issue."Which we suppose is a pretty good way to snag yourself a sexy piece of man, which the newly single Sam Talbot totally is.

Sam, who came in third on the second season of Bravo's (back to that in a minute) last year, teaching Kelly how to cook. First, wouldn't it be perfect if a Bravo publicist dreamed this up, as some sort of insane cross-show synergy explosion?


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