Your computer must be restarted before updating can continue

For more information, see Filing a Support Request in My VMware (2006985).

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telling me:"The computer needs to be restarted before setup can continue.

Please restart the computer and run setup again." after doing so it still doesn't work...

In most cases, kernel panics are not caused by an issue with the Mac itself.

They are usually caused by software that was installed, or a problem with connected hardware.

In order to complete the installation, Windows must execute certain commands that are available only on accounts with administrator privileges.

I have been trying to pin Firefox to an older version (17.0.11 ESR) on both a Windows XP and Windows 7 host. I need to have Firefox stopped from updating itself.

In rare situations, your Mac may do one or more of the following: spontaneously restart, become unresponsive, turn off, display a message "Your computer restarted because of a problem." or display a message "You shut down your computer because of a problem." In rare instances, OS X may encounter an unrecoverable issue affecting all open apps. This is sometimes due to what is known as a "kernel panic" because an underlying part of the operating system (the "kernel") has determined there is an issue that requires a restart.

Once your Mac restarts successfully, an alert message appears, "You shut down your computer because of a problem." Click Open to re-open any apps that were active before you restarted.

If you believe the issue may have been caused by one of the apps that you were using, click Cancel instead.

; ; The name of the directory where the application will be installed in the ; system's program files directory.

The security ; context the installer is running in must have write access to the ; installation directory.


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